As an experienced Red River / Lake Winnipeg fishing guide operating on some of the best trophy catfish and walleye water in the world, Donovan has written and contributed to dozens of articles in various fishing/outdoor publications and online blogs. Donovan also was co-founder, writer and editor for Manitoba Outdoors Online Magazine before it was sold.

Magazines and Blogs

Speed Cranking Walleye –  Donovan Pearase (Just Fishing with Big Jim Mclaughlin’s  fall 2011 p.36)

Manitoba Channel Cattfish – Doug Stange (In-Fisherman, feb 18 2014)

Red River Channel Cats On Fire  Gord Pyzer (In-Fisherman Aug 15 2011)

Bluegills and Channel Catfish – Gord Pyzer (Outdoor Canada Sept 7th 2011)

Green With Envy – Gord Pyzer (World Fishing Network Oct 28  2011)

When You’re Served Lemons, Make Lemonade – Gord Pyzer (WFNJune 8th 2011)

Hardwater Walleye –  Donovan Pearase (Hooked Magazine winter 2009 – page 8)

Speed Cranking Spring Eye’s –  Donovan Pearase (Hooked Mag spring 2010 – page 14)

Back to Basics for Big Walleye – Donovan Pearase (Hooked Online, Jan 19, 101)

Catfish Cuisine – Donovan Pearase (Hooked Magazine spring 2011 – page 27)

Profile and Article Archive –  Donovan Pearase (Manitoba Outdoors Online Magazine)

Fisherman on a river with a bit catfish catch

Man on frozen lake ice fishing