Lake Winnipeg Ice Fishing Walleye fishing guide
Ice Fishing Lake Winnipeg 2013
August 20, 2013

Ice Fishing on Lake Winnipeg consistently produces some of the biggest, fattest trophy walleye anywhere. It is a go to destination for both hardcore ice fisherman and casual sport anglers looking for a new ice fishing experience. Lake Winnipeg offers both quantity and quality fish if you know where to look and when to be looking. A huge advantage when targeting Lake Winnipeg’s vast expanse for greenbacks is hiring a knowledgeable and experienced Lake Winnipeg ice fishing guide who has already scouted fish for you, knows the lake and the fish that swim in it. Then it is just a matter of catching them.

Lake Winnipeg may have an endless supplies of large walleye to catch while ice fishing but it’s sheer size can be intimidating.   A skilled ice fishing angler with a good work ethic, willing to put the time in can track down fish on their own but if saving a few days of scouting and getting right into the catching is more your style we can help. Here is a short video to help you with your tackle selections when making your journey north.

Some areas on Lake Winnipeg always seem to produce walleye while ice fishing while others are hit and miss from year to year. Ice Fishing Lake Winnipeg is very different than most places. It is not a “structure fishery”. Lake Winnipeg walleye are always cruising around, here today gone tomorrow and that is why we work so hard to scout the lake and find new schools of walleye for our ice fishing guests. Often we are set up “off the grid” in some seemingly random location, but there is a reason we are there….walleye.

You need to be properly equipped to fish Lake Winnipeg, and whatever equipment you are lacking we can help you with, from pop up shelters and heaters to rods and fishing gear.

This year we will have a range of Lake Winnipeg ice fishing trips available from 1 day “run and guns” with snowmobiles to all inclusive trips in our Track Truck with all gear provided. We can customize your trip anyway you like it and we also have a team of expert guides ready to put you on fish and can handle multiple groups on the same day.

If you have a large group or corporate clients you would like to take out Ice fishing on Lake Winnipeg we can accommodate and can handle large groups. Just contact us for details.

Keep the Ice of your line and your trophies in the Lake!