2024-25 Lake Winnipeg

Ice Fishing Rates

2024-25 Lake Winnipeg Ice Fishing Packages

Important Information

  • We begin our ice guiding season Dec 27th each year and generally end March 31st
  • Dec – January is truck travel however in February and March you MUST have your own tracked transportation available if needed or book one of our limited tracked packages as a backup if trucks are not an option
  • If our guides can effectively travel on the lake with 4×4 trucks then that is what we will do. Guests may travel however they are comfortable.


1. The Walleye Slayer
Guided Lake Winnipeg Ice Fishing Trip

(Most popular trip)
  • Guests provide All of their own gear, equipment, tackle bait and specifically transportation by 4×4 truck or tracked machine (snowmobile, tracked ATV etc). We have some extra fishing equipment to borrow if required.
  • We work very hard and will drill the bulk of your holes however it is only to your benefit to bring a good working auger with extension and sharp blades to assist in drilling holes to spread out and cover more water to find active biting fish.
  • Large groups 5 guests or more planning on running and gunning MUST bring a good working auger per vehicle to assist in drilling holes if and when required
  • Email dcp1@mts.net to book
Dec, Jan, Feb 2025 
  • $640 US/day 1 – 4 guests
  • $680 US/day 5 – 8 guests
March 2025 Peak Season pricing
  • $700 US/day  1 – 8 guests
2. The Corporate All-Inclusive
Lake Winnipeg Ice Fishing Trip
  •  1 to 21 guests
  •  If necessary we will supply all bait, rods, tackle, equipment, tents, heaters etc for your trip. This is a popular trip for first timers, casual fisherman and corporate groups. Multiple guides available for large groups. 
  • Guests generally follow us out in their 4×4 trucks ( Dec-Jan) Guest must have tracks ( Feb – March). Bring your own electronics if you have or we will supply.
  • Email dcp1@mts.net to book
  • $700 US/day/guide  1 – 3 guests max per guide


3. Deluxe Track Truck/ Mobile Wheelhouse COMBO!!!


  • The Ultimate in both comfort and mobility. Fish inside a deluxe wheelhouse with the mobility to make multiple moves through the day to stay on fish.
  • Ideal for families, corporate clients and people who just don’t want to be cold but still catch fish all day
  • All gear, bait and equipment provided if required.
  • Day trips only NOT A SLEEPER SHACK
  • Email dcp1@mts.net to book
  • $600 us/day guided wheelhouse only in 4×4 Pickup when lake is accessible by truck
  • $850 US/day Run and GUN Track Truck only, fishing outside
  • $1000 US/day Track Truck Wheelhouse Combo, fish in warmth with multiple moves per day
4. BWC Snobear Adventure
  • Availability Jan 19th through February 28th 2025
  • 1-3 guests max
  • Fish with mobility and in comfort in the BWC Snobear and stay on the best bites on the Lake with the Blackwater Cats Ice team.
  • Email dcp1@mts.net to book
  • $1000 US/day 1-3 guests max

5. Snowmobile Rental

 $125 US per Day Tax Inc. 1 guest per sled

  • If you group has already booked a trip with Blackwater Cats and you are short tracked transportation for 1  guests we can rent you a snowmobile.

  • Blackwater Cats hosts several corporate and group fishing trips each year
    Please contact us for group and corporate rates dcp1@mts.net / ph. 204-990-2171 We can customize your trip to meet your needs and accommodate large groups.