2022 Lake Winnipeg Walleye Rates

  • The primary target destination for open water Walleye will be on Lake Winnipeg. If Heavy winds or extreme conditions make it unsafe or good bite taking place elsewhere we will revert back to fishing the river systems.
  • Detailed Info about Lake Winnipeg Walleyes with Blackwater Cats  can be found HERE

Lake Winnipeg Sunset Special 4:45 pm to Dusk
   (Spring 2022 Availability:
May 23rd – 27th,  May 30th – June 2nd, June 6th – 8th)

  • $450 per boat (1 – 4 guests) approx. 4 hours

Full Day Walleye Trip Lake Winnipeg

  • $675 per boat (1 – 4 guests) *full day 8 hours

Full/Half Day Walleye Trip Red River

  • $600 per boat (1 – 4 guests) *full day 8 hours
  • $450 per boat (1 – 4 guests) *half day 4 hours

Full Day Walleye Trip Pine Falls

  • $625 per boat (1 – 4 guests) *full day 8 hours


  • Everything is provided for your world class walleye fishing experience.
  • Guests are only responsible for their Manitoba Sport Fishing License available online and their own food and drink while in the boat.
  • Guests will get to use and experience some the best sportsfishing gear and equipment from the industries leading companies. Please visit their links below.

Corporate Fishing Rates – Click here for Details





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