Open Water Trophy Walleye

Lake Winnipeg is a world class trophy walleye destination and home to massive schools of large trophy walleye. Affectionately called greenback walleye they're pursued by anglers from far and wide during the open water walleye season, where Blackwater Cats trophy walleye guides fish with guests.

Prime Time!
We guide for trophy greenback walleye all year on Lake Winnipeg, with spring and fall being the prime time opportunities for the Blackwater Cats Lake Winnipeg walleye fishing guide team. Late May - June and starting again in September - October, on the Red River,  Winnipeg River and Lake Winnipeg is the best time for jumbo Lake Winnipeg angler with a Trophy 12 lbs walleyetrophy walleye. Time to call Blackwater Cats Outfitter, your Selkirk - Lockport - Lake Winnipeg trophy walleye fishing guide, as massive schools of large Lake Winnipeg greenback walleye make their annual migration from the north to the south basin of Lake Winnipeg and into the Red River and Winnipeg River systems. It's time to start thinking trophy greenback walleye fishing and Blackwater Cats is ready
to guide you to the fattest, hardest fighting Lake Winnipeg trophy walleyes of your life with experienced professional fishing guides in comfortable modern boats with top quality fishing equipment and great times to be had.

This is one of the top trophy walleye fisheries in North America where the next bite could be the biggest trophy walleye of your life. With numbers of walleye in the 3 - 6 lbs range, 8 - 10 lbs greenback walleye common and a great shot at a double digits trophy Lake Winnipeg walleye you will marvel at how fat these greenback walleye are. Whether it's a hot jig bite or a crank bait bite the fish are big, strong and these walleye fishing guides will put you in the path of these awesome fish!

Blackwater Cats Outfitter puts you with Donovan Pearase or his guide team for a full day of greenback walleye fishing, with all bait, gas and transportation included. Top quality walleye gear are ready and available to tackle the greenbacks however guests are welcome to use their own fishing equipment if they prefer.

Full day Trips are available on Lake Winnipeg, the Red River out of Selkirk Manitoba or the Winnipeg River/Traverse Bay out of Pine Falls, Manitoba.  Both single and multiple days trips and packages available.

Pine Falls Winnipeg River walleye fishing guide
Lake Winnipeg walleye fishing guide
red River walleye fishing guide
Nice limit of walleye with Lake Winnipeg walleye fishing guide Donovan of Blackwater Cats Outfitter
Red River greenback walleye with Red River walleye fishing guide Blackwater Cats Outfitter
Donovan Pearase with a nice greenback walleye -  Lake Winnipeg walleye fishing guide.