Red River Catfishing Rates

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Selkrik catfish guide with Client fighting catfish in Tracker targa V-18 comboFamily fishing charter with Lockport catfish Guide Winnipeg CatFishing guide service Blackwater Cats guests with a trophy catfish
NEW! Blackwater Cats 2017 Kingfisher Falcon charter boat can comfortably accommodate up to 5 guests

Half Day (
4 hours) $400 per boat  2-3 guests, (1 guest $350)
                                             $450 4 guests, $500 5 guests.

Full Day
(8 hours)
$500 per boat  1-3 guests,
                                             $575 4 guests, $650 5 guests.

Corporate Rates - "Click here for Details"

*Everything is provided for your world class catfishing experience.

*Guests are only responsible for their Manitoba Sport Fishing License available at numerous locations and due to allergies and preferences their own food and drink while in the boat.

*Guests will get to use and experience top quality gear and equipment from many of the industries leading companies. Please visit their links below.

Red River catfish Guide Lockport Manitoba
red river catfish guide selkkirk manitoba
red river catfish guide winnipeg manitoba

cat fishing for huge channel catfish
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